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Who We Are:

Indiana Bass'N Gals is the original and only all-women fishing club in Indiana. We were founded in 1985 and our core values are youth, conservation, and community service. We currently have 21 members from all over the State of Indiana and are looking for more women to join us!

Our members encompass a variety of ages, fishing experience levels, and a mix of both boat owners and non-boat owners. We fish tournaments from April to September at varying lakes all over the State of Indiana. Each year we vote on what lakes to include in our tournament schedule; with the requirement of a new lake or a lake we did not previously fish each year. 
We hold monthly virtual club meetings so that women from all over can attend. Our meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at 7pm on Google Meet. Simply reach out to us using the Contact Us page to be added to our monthly meeting.

Our club is most well-known for our youth fishing tournament named Kid & Co. 2024 will mark the 38th annual Kid & Co. tournament. We provide a full fishing tournament experience for kids ages 6-17. We do a numbered takeoff and weigh-in complete with photos, cash payout, and trophies. We go beyond a normal tournament and provide a light breakfast, lunch, goodie bags, prizes, and more! This is an amazing day we get to spend some time with the kids and hopefully instill a lifetime of the desire to fish Our club also participates in varying community services each year; this year we donated lots of fabulous clothing to a local women's shelter. We also participate in various conservation efforts each year. This year we are working on doing either a habitat build or a shoreline clean-up at Lake Monroe.  

Other club activities include: A booth at the Indianapolis Boat, Sport, & Travel Show as well as handing out free fishing rods to the first 500 kids who attend the show on Kids Day, being the exclusive food vendor for The Indiana Fishing Expo, and a booth at Honey Creek Tackle's annual fishing expo. Our time at these events allows us to network within the local fishing community, recruit new members, as well as fundraise for our club and for Kid & Co.

We are proud members of the Indiana Bass FederationThe Bass Federation, and an affiliate club of the Lady Bass Anglers Association.

Meet the Indiana Bass'N Gals
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