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The Zone 2, Tournament of Champions was held Nov 5, 2011 on beautiful Raccoon lake. The day was clear and cold in the morning warming to a breezy 55 degrees.

Fifteen (15) teams of the best anglers from each club fished from 8:30 to 4:30. The lake was tough with no teams able to compile a limit.

Congratulations to the first place team of Joan Davis and Karen Welty from the Indiana Bass'N Gals who brought in 3 fish for a total of 7.82 lbs.

Second place went to Mark Shane and Eric Hardesty of the Outcast Bass Club. They weighed in two bass for 7.66 lbs. They also had big bass of the day, 4.60

Third place to Troy Keen and Bryce Clendenning of the Raccoon Bass Anglers. Their 3 fish weighed a total of 7.04 lbs.

Eight teams brought in a total of 15 Fish and a great time was had by all.

1st. Indiana Bass'N Gals, Joan Davis, Karen Welty 7.82

2nd Outcast Bass Club, Mark Shane, Eric Hardesty 7.66

3rd. Raccoon Bass Anglers, Troy Keen, Bryce Clendenning 7.04

4th. First String Bassmasters, Dan Guard, Dave Hedge 6.12

5th. Hard Luck Bassmasters, Keith Hartman 5.48

6th. Sycamore Bass Club, Ron Hayne, Tom Bowker 2.72

7th. Hoosier Bass Organization, Jerry Bledsoe, Mike Davis 2.54

8th. Hendricks County, Bassmasters, Bobby Adams, Brian Beaumont 2.30

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